Assessment and Construction | the University Inviting Experts in Undergraduate Teaching Qualification Assessment to Launch Diagnostic Counseling

Announcer:Liu ZhongxiaoRelease time:2019-07-02Views:53

The university invited Professor Li Jingzhi to have the diagnostic counseling about the universitys assessment and construction tasks, to further push forward undergraduate teaching qualification assessment and evaluate the status quo of qualification assessment.

From June 26 to 27, Professor Li Jingzhi have an in-depth on-the-spot investigation of the campus environment, parts of professional labs, and the training center and such; randomly checked materials like test papers and graduation designs (theses); held a data report and feedback meeting and analyzed the data of the basic undergraduate teaching status of the school of 2018; purposefully put forward solutions and measures targeting the data above with careful analysis and feedback.

At the morning on June 28, the school called and held the Counseling Meeting for Assessment Diagnosis Experts-the Regular Meeting of Teaching Work. On the meeting, Professor Li Jingzhi reported the special diagnosis, and persons including Zhao Bo, the vice president, members of the regular meeting of teaching work, and managers of relevant functional departments attended the meeting. Professor Li briefly analyzed contents, such as the purpose of qualification assessment and assessment construction, ideas for assessment construction, and plans for assessment construction. Professor Li put a focus on introducing the 1125 work mode. To be specific, “1” means an optional attendance to a class, “1” means an in-depth interview, “2” refers to visiting in-campus labs and out-campus practice bases, and “5” refers to the access to data analysis reports, self-assessment reports of the school, test papers, graduation designs (theses), and the relevant materials of 39 observation points. In the report, Professor Li specifically made an instruction with numerous detailed examples and data over key issues of assessment construction, including how to organize assessment, and how to grasp the focus on and the difficulty in assessment.

Zhao Bo, the vice president, concluded that Professor Li reported in an incisive and wonderful way with an accurate issue analysis, which was quite significant in guidance to the universitys qualification assessment. The vice president required departments and units to carefully learn from Professor Li’s speech and correct with deep understanding extant problems on a timely manner with self-check and self-construction; carefully practice the requirements that Hua Ertian, the president, raised against the assessment work on the Promotion Meeting of Undergraduate Teaching Qualification Assessment and firmly carried out the next step of assessment construction; further create an environment in which every person receives assessment and everything is subject to assessment, as well as enhance the work initiative, promote the sense of duty, and strengthen the awareness of responsibility.

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