Granting the Title as “a Member of the First Batch of New Media Matrix for Drug Suppression in Hangzhou” to the University

Announcer:Hu YingRelease time:2019-07-03Views:67

At the invitation of the Anti-Drugs Office of Hangzhou and the Anti-Drugs Office of Jianggan District, 210 teacher and student volunteers of the College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering recently have attended, on behalf of the university, the Commemoration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse-“Together Hand in Hand, Celebrating with the Whole Nation”, namely the public welfare trailwalk activity for drug suppression, hosted jointly by units like the Anti-Drugs Office of Hangzhou and the Hangzhou Bureau of Education. The activity witnessed the university receiving the title as “a member of the first batch of new media matrix for drug suppression in Hangzhou”.

On the opening ceremony, 23 volunteers of the university stood out from the volunteers of nine co-organizers, and performed anti-drug themed dances and chorused the song “Dream Chasers” on stage. After the performance, Jia Qingmin, the director of the Anti-Drugs Office of Hangzhou and deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, delivered a speech and granted the award.

The trailwalk team set out from the Urban Balcony and launched the trailwalk along the walkway of the Qiantang River. The universitys anti-drug volunteers dressed white T-shirts for anti-drug publicity. They shuttled back and forth between streets and lanes of Hangzhou, practically publicizing the idea of “drug suppression” and running for a harmonious and stable social environment. The universitys volunteers are positive and progressive, which received the high recognition and praise of the sponsor.

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